Child Rights Collective Gujarat (CRCG)

During the pandemic, when the field activities were at a standstill, CRCG ran a series of on-line training sessions which were very well attended, six such sessions covered the following topics: (1) Communicating with children in difficult situations; (2) Case analysis of typical ChildLine (helpline for children) cases; (3) Understanding children’s development stages and our behaviour as adults (4) Significance of life skills in education; (5) Restarting schools after the pandemic; (6) Recent amendments in the Juvenile Justice Act and their likely impact on children.

Since the easing of the situation, CRCG has started working on strengthening the network again. It conducted its first workshop with children on reviving and strengthening the Gujarat Bal Manch (Children’s Federation). This workshop was attended by 41 children and 22 adults form 11 organisations for 5 days.

Under CRCG banner, children conducted an awareness campaign in June ‘22 on Child Labour Free India as a partner network of the national network called Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL) reaching out to small businesspersons, vendors, and shop owners with literature educating them and appealing them not to employ child labour.

Children attending various workshops…

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