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Thank you for all of your support, we couldn’t do it without you.

Supporting vulnerable children

AWARE reaches out to children in deprived communities throughout India by using education as a way of transforming their lives for the better. It also provides street/runaway children and orphans with a protected childhood, so that they can go on to make well-informed decisions in life.

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Our Work

The AWARE Foundation supports a range of field projects and the current projects are listed below. Please click on the projects to read more information about each.

Shareen Patel AWARE Volunteer Work On the 13th of September 2017, I started my volunteer work with the AWARE Foundation in Ahmedabad, India. Alongside …

During the pandemic, when the field activities were at a standstill, CRCG ran a series of on-line training sessions which were very …

ishwagram – Karunagram Shelter Home Karuna Gram is a well-managed shelter home for street children (now for boys only) It shelters 16 …

Our Events

We have had a fantastic year of events. Thank you to every one of you who organised, donated, volunteered, sponsored or come along to support us.

In loving memory of Joe...

Joe was a brilliant cameraman who made The Aware Foundation films for us in India, alongside Paul Kenyon. Joe did this out the kindness of his heart, for free. He wanted to help these children have a voice and tell their story, in the hope that they would get the help that they so desperately needed.

Joe sadly passed away on 22nd February after a long illness. He worked all around the world for the BBC, but India was always his favourite place to film. He leaves a wife, Lucy, and a son, Milo.

We are so very grateful to Joe for his wonderful support to AWARE and the children in our care. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very difficult time.

2022/2023 Hostel Project is Underway...

Our plans for 2022/23 are to launch 10 hostels in Dang reaching out to over 400 children and in addition 4 Child Resource Centre (CRCs) – which will revive 20 Self Help Groups (SHGs) reaching out to 800 families to help them improve their economic conditions

We have already made huge progress… We opened 5 of the 10 planned hostels on 26th September 2022 and are currently supporting 172 children – but this will soon increase to 250 children. The official launch of the hostels is on Monday 3rd October 2022.

Another AWARE Student Success

Jayesh visiting the children in India

Jayesh (founder of AWARE) has spent the last few weeks visiting some of the projects that AWARE supports in India. He visited two schools in South Gujarat district of Narmada. The children are 6-14 years old, and are accommodated in hostels on the same campus, these two schools are in the second most deprived and unprivileged areas in India…

Aware Cricket Legends Gala

a night to remember…

Meet the team

The AWARE Foundation is a Charitable Trust registered in the UK on 3 July 2007 and formally launched on 27 June 2008.


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